Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki

The Altar of Elements is a location where players can master Elements. Players can access the Altar of Elements if they are Master of Elements or higher. It can be accessed by going through a light blue colored portal by the King of the Hill.

Entering the portal will take players to an island surrounded by water. There will be three floating islands nearby which hold the first wave of elements: The Lightning ElementInferno Element and the Frost Element.

Above these islands are a second group of floating islands which hold the second wave: The Shadow Charge ElementMasterful Wrath Element and the Electral Chaos Element.

Above the second wave is the third wave, which has only one element: The Shadowfire Element.

Above the third wave is the fourth wave, which has the Eternity Storm Element.

Above that is the fifth and final wave, which has the most powerful element in the game: the Blazing Entity Element.