The Ancient Magma Boss is the third boss introduced in Ninja Legends. It has 3,500 health and gives 10x times more chi and Pet EXP than the Robot Boss. The Magma Fiend package is used for the Boss's appearance. The reward from this boss increases every time you hit it with a pet, swords or a shuriken.

The portal to the Ancient Magma Boss can be found to the right of the shop in the valley. To access the portal to this boss you must be on the rank Ninja Legend or +. However, if you are on the rank of Shadow or higher you can double jump from the Eternal Boss.

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There is a secret Dark Karma Training Area behind the island on which the Ancient Magma Boss is on. The training area is called Swords Of Ancients. Dark Karma players can use this training area if they unlock it in the Evil Karma shop and have at least 2,000 evil karma. This Training Area gives extra boosters such as extra ninjitsu and chi. The Swords of Ancients is also currently the second-best Dark Karma Training Area. There is a secret crystal located behind the training area currently.


  • Although the game states that it gives 10x times more chi and Pet EXP than the Robot Boss, In reality, it gives a 10.2458512x Multiplier.
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