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Belts are similar to backpacks in other simulator games. In Ninja Legends they are used to store Ninjitsu. The better the belt the more Ninjitsu the belt will hold. For a reference of large numbers, see Currency Suffixes. This is a list of known belts in Ninja Legends:

Belt Of Inner Peace.png


Name Price Storage
White Belt 0 15 Max
Yellow Belt 20 100 Max
Green Belt 65 300 Max
Orange Belt 240 1K Max
Blue Belt 680 2K Max
Purple Belt 1.5K 5K Max
Red Belt 3.2K 10K Max
Brown Belt 7K 25K Max
Black Belt 15K 50K Max
Golden Belt 32K 75K Max
Tiger Belt 50K 110K Max
Mantis Belt 85K 150K Max
Ultra Belt 140K 250K Max
Master Belt 200K 450K Max
Dragon Belt 275K 900K Max

Astral Island

Name Price Storage
Astral Belt 330K 1.2M Max
Enchanted Belt 400K 1.5M Max
Magical Belt 520K 2M Max
Heatwave Belt 700K 3M Max
Tornado Belt 1M 4.5M Max
Powered Belt 1.5M 6.5M Max
Tundra Belt 3M 9M Max
Guardian Belt 5M 12M Max
Corrupted Belt 10M 20M Max
Zephyr Belt 20M 35M Max
Lightning Belt 45M 80M Max

Space Island

Name Price Storage
Astro Belt 50M 80M Max
Exo Belt 100M 170M Max
Python Belt 190M 300M Max
Rainbow Belt 400M 650M Max
Belt Of Legends 8B 2B Max
Sky Ninja Belt 15B 5B Max
Master Focus Belt 22B 12B Max
Masterful Belt 31B 22B Max
Sky Master Belt 50B 35B Max

Tundra Island

Name Price Storage
Sub-Zero Belt 200B 75B Max
Zenith Belt 310B 100B Max
Soul Belt 500B 150B Max
Entropy Belt 800B 200B Max
Spirit Belt 1.3T 400B Max
Elemental Belt 5T 1.3T Max
Eternal Belt 10T 2T Max
Peacekeeper Belt 20T 5T Max
Immortal Belt 100T 12T Max

Eternal Island

Name Price Storage
Dark Shadow Belt 2Qa 50T Max
Master Universe Belt 8Qa 100T Max
Belt Of Destruction 16Qa 300T Max
Ancient Masters Belt 35Qa 650T Max
Belt Of Inner Peace 80Qa 10Qa Max
Legend Hunter Belt 200Qa 3Qa Max
Ultimate Energy Belt 450Qa 6.5Qa Max
Galaxy Master Belt 900Qa 13Qa Max
Belt Of Eternity 1.8Qi 30Qa Max
Master Of Souls Belt 3.6Qi 65Qa Max


Name Price Storage
Ancient Fusion Belt 72Qi 200Qa Max
Infinity Legends Belt 300Qi 500Qa Max
Shadow Legend Belt 800Qi 1Qi Max
Eternity Revelations Belt 2.5Si 3Qi Max
Belt Of Immortality 50Si 60Qi Max
Chaos Fusion Belt 100Si 150Qi Max
Immortal Masters Belt 200Si 350Qi Max
Phantom Soul Belt 400Si 700Qi Max


Name Price Storage
Dragon Master Belt 3Sp 1.4Sp Max
Belt Of Eternity Souls 6Sp 3Sp Max
Ancient Legends Belt 12Sp 7Sp Max
Master Of Thunder Belt 25Sp 16Sp Max

 Ancient Inferno Island

Name Price Storage
Ancient Prophecy Belt 102Sp 160Sp Max
Starstrike Masters Belt 252Sp 3.2Oc Max
Dimension Legends Belt 600Sp 6.4Oc Max
Ancient Eternal Destiny Belt 1.2Oc 12.8Oc Max
Elemental Battlemaster Belt 2.4Oc 24.8Oc Max

Midnight Shadow Island

Name Price Storage
Dark Midnight Shadow Belt 3.04N 64.8Oc Max
Infinity Eclipse Belt 6.04N 124.8Oc Max
Ultra Infinity Eclipse Belt 12.0N 245Oc Max
Samurai Genesis Belt 24.0N 499Oc Max
Starstrike Infinity Master Belt 64.0N 999Oc Max

Mythical Souls Island

Name Price Storage
Master Legend Assassin Belt V1 6.4Dc 9.99N Max
Master Legend Assassin Belt V2 20.4Dc 19.9N Max
Master Legend Assassin Belt V3 30.4Dc 29.9N Max
Master Legend Assassin Belt V4 60.4Dc 79.9N Max
Master Legend Assassin Belt V5 100.4Dc 159.9N Max
Master Legend Assassin Belt V6 500.4Dc 399.9N Max
Master Legend Assassin Belt V7 5Un 799.9N Max
Master Legend Assassin Belt V8 30Un 2.09Dc Max

Winter Wonder Island

Name Price Storage
Awakened Frost Master Belt V1 5Duo 20.9Duo Max
Awakened Frost Master Belt V2 8Duo 100.9Duo Max
Awakened Frost Master Belt V3 11Duo 1Tre Max
Awakened Frost Master Belt V4 101Duo 10Tre Max
Awakened Frost Master Belt V5 1Tre 100Tre Max
Awakened Frost Master Belt V6 15Tre 2Qua Max
Awakened Frost Master Belt V7 355Tre 40Qua Max
Awakened Frost Master Belt V8 6.05Qua 800Qua Max

Golden Master Island

Name Price Storage
Golden Shuriken Master Belt V1 60Qua 8Qui Max
Golden Shuriken Master Belt V2 102Qua 106Qui Max
Golden Shuriken Master Belt V3 2 Qui 2 SE Max
Golden Shuriken Master Belt V4 40 Qui 40 SE Max
Golden Shuriken Master Belt V5 800Qui 800 SE Max

Dragon Legend Island

Name Price Storage
Dragon Legends Belt V1 30SE 15SP Max
Dragon Legends Belt V2 1.80SP 605SP Max
Dragon Legends Belt V3 200.8SP 9.50OC Max
Dragon Legends Belt V4 95OC 200.5OC Max
Dragon Legends Belt V5 6.50NV 15NV Max
Dragon Legends Belt V6 750.5NV 2VIG Max
Dragon Legends Belt V7 100VIG 500VIG Max
Dragon Legends Belt V8 25CE 8CE Max

Cybernetic Legends Island

Name Price Storage
Cybernetic Legends Belt V1 6TRV 75CE Max
Cybernetic Legends Belt V2 750TRV 805CE Max
Cybernetic Legends Belt V3 30QTU 4.50TRV Max
Cybernetic Legends Belt V4 8SPZ 80.5TRV Max
Cybernetic Legends Belt V5 500SPZ 800.5TRV Max
Cybernetic Legends Belt V6 90CJX 4.50QTU Max

Skystorm Ultraus Island

Name Price Storage
Skystorm Masters Belt V1 4XQR 50.5QTU Max
Skystorm Masters Belt V2 750XQR 600.5QTU Max
Skystorm Masters Belt V3 80VNU 7.50SPZ Max
Skystorm Masters Belt V4 9YZQ 80.5SPZ Max
Skystorm Masters Belt V5 350YZQ 900.5SPZ Max
Skystorm Masters Belt V6 60KVZ 7.50CJX Max
Skystorm Masters Belt V7 0.50JZW 80.5CJX Max
Skystorm Masters Belt V8 80JZW 900.5CJX Max

Chaos Legends Island

Name Price Storage
Chaos Legends Belt V1 50QZX 5XQR Max
Chaos Legends Belt V2 2ZKL 30XQR Max
Chaos Legends Belt V3 500ZKL 600.5XQR Max
Chaos Legends Belt V4 90HTZ 2VNU Max
Chaos Legends Belt V5 3RXV 60VNU Max
Chaos Legends Belt V6 700RXV 400.5VNU Max
Chaos Legends Belt V7 50WZX 9YZQ Max

Soul Fusion Island

Name Price Storage
Ultra Soul Fusion Belt V1 7XVC 60YZQ Max
Ultra Soul Fusion Belt V2 500XVC 400.5YZQ Max
Ultra Soul Fusion Belt V3 80ZOL 6KVZ Max

Dark Elements Island

Name Price Storage
Dark Elements Belt V1 3LXS 40KVZ
Dark Elements Belt V2 500.0LXS 600.5KVZ

Inner Peace Island

Name Price Storage
Skyblade Belt V1 2.00YXZU 4.00JZW
Skyblade Belt V2 50.0YXZU 60.00JZW

Blazing Vortex Island

Name Price Storage
Blazing Vortex Belt V1 5.00JXKZ 8.00QZX
Blazing Vortex Belt V2 200.0JXKZ 400.0QZX
Blazing Vortex Belt V3 50.0RTVX 70.0ZKL

There will be new belts in the next update. Follow the game to be notified.