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The CYBER: Ancient Master Wraith is a Rising Hero pet in Ninja Legends. It has the statistics of x120k Chi, x120k Coins, and x120k Ninjitsu

This pet can be obtained by opening an Omega Secrets Crystal, which cost 800Si Chi per Crystal. This crystal is located behind the Sword of Legends training area. The crystal has a 1% chance of hatching the CYBER: Ancient Master Wraith


Eternity Storm Element Pet Stats

Evolution Tier Chi Multiplier Coin Multiplier Ninjitsu Multiplier
Normal x240,000 x240,000 x240,000
Evolved x720,000 x720,000 x720,000
Eternalized x3,600,000 x3,600,000 x3,600,000
Immortalized x18,000,000 x18,000,000 x18,000,000
Legendized x90,000,000 x90,000,000 x90,000,000
Elementalized x450,000,000 x450,000,000 x450,000,000
X-Genesis x2,250,000,000 x2,250,000,000 x2,250,000,000
Z-Master x11,125,000,000 x11,125,000,000 x11,125,000,000
Ultra-Beast x111,250,000,000 x111,250,000,000 x111,250,000,000
Infinity-Lord x1,112,500,000,000 x1,112,500,000,000 x1,112,500,000,000
Chaos-Titan x11,125,000,000,000 x11,125,000,000,000 x11,125,000,000,000
Z X-Legend x222,500,000,000,000 x222,500,000,000,000 x222,500,000,000,000