Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki

Codes are redeemed for various rewards. This is a list of compiled codes from Ninja Legends. Codes usually provide Chi and Coins, but sometimes codes can provide Souls, Auto Train and Gems.

List of Codes

Name Reward Type Amount Status
senseisanta500 Chi 500 Active
goldupdate500 Chi 500 Active
goldninja500 Chi 500 Active
epicelements500 Chi 500 Active
zenmaster500 Chi 500 Active
dojomasters500 Chi 500 Active
hashdhashdhawdr big thighs 750 Active
ultrasecrets10k Chi 10000 Active
silentshadows1000 Chi 1000 Active
omegasecrets5000 Chi 5000 Active
soulninja1000 Chi 1000 Active
dragonlegend750 Chi 750 Active
secretcrystal1000 Chi 1000 (Stacks With Multipliers) Active
legends500M Chi Random amount Active
blizzardninja500 Chi 500 Active
legends200M Chi Random amount Active
epicsensei500 Chi 500 Expired
sparkninja20 Soul Boost 20 Active
legendaryninja500 Chi 500 Active
swiftblade300 Chi boost (Stacks with multipliers) 300 Active
masterninja750 Chi boost (Stacks with multipliers) 750 Active
desertninja250 Chi boost (Stacks with multipliers) 250 Active
shadowninja500 Chi 500 Active
soulhunter5 Soul Boost 5 Active
dragonwarrior500 Chi 500 Active
epicflyingninja500 Chi 500 Active
christmasninja500 Gems 500 Active
roboninja15 Auto Train 15 minutes Active
skymaster750 Chi 750 (Stacks with Multipliers) Active
epictrain15 Auto-Train 15 minutes Active
darktrain30 Auto-Train 30 min Expired
darkmaster1000 chi 1k Active