Coins is the one of the main currencies in Ninja Legends. It is used to buy Swords, Belts, Ranks and Skills.

How to Obtain Coins

There are many ways to obtain Coins in Ninja Legends:

  • Chests - The Space Island Chest and some of the Valley chests give Coins and can be collected every 6 hours (or four hours and thirty minutes with the Inferno Element.) The Coins obtained from them increase with Element and pet multipliers.
  • Tokens/Crates/Hoops - Islands, Boss Arenas, Training Areas, and the Duel Arena, will sometimes drops coins, tokens and crates hovering around. When picked up, these give Coins or Chi. In Valley, hoops are scattered across the sky, and occasionally on the way to another island. Some of these hoops will give you Coins, while others will give you Chi. The amount of Coins gained from all of these examples increase with elements, Pet Multipliers, and Ranks. The also increase the higher up they are
  • Train - You train by clicking your sword and getting Ninjitsu. Next, you sell it, and earn coins. The amount of coins you earn stacks with pet multipliers, rank multipliers,elements, and sometimes the island Sell Area.
  • Auto-Sell - You can also purchase an Auto-Sell boost in the shop (the icon for it is on the side of the screen) for a certain amount of time. Pairs well with Auto-Train, which will automatically train you for a certain amount of time, depending on what you bought. Auto-Train and Auto-Sell is affected by the following: Swords, Pets, Training Areas, Ranks, and certain elements located at the Altar Of Elements.
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