There are currently 15 Gamepasses in the game. A list of known Gamepasses is shown below:

Gamepass Cost Image Description 
x2 Ninjitsu Robux 299
X2 Ninjitsu
Doubles the ninjistu obtained.
x2 Coins Robux 299
X2 Coins
Doubles the coins obtained.
x2 Speed Robux 299
X2 Speed
Doubles the player's speed.
Faster Sword Robux 499
Faster Sword
Player's swords will swing twice as fast.
Infinite Ninjistu Robux 699
Infinite Ninjitsu
Allows infinite ninjitsu storage.
+20 Capacity Robux 49
20 Capacity
Gives players 20 more pet inventory space.
+60 Capacity Robux 139
60 Capacity
Gives players 60 more pet inventory space.
+4 Pet Slots Robux 499
4 Pet Slots
Gives players 4 more pets slots.
Infinite Ammo Robux 299
Inifiite Ammo
Gives players infinite shuriken ammo.
+100 Capacity Robux 199
100 Capacity
Gives players 100 more pet inventory space.
+200 Capacity Robux 399
200 Capacity
Gives players 200 more pet inventory space.
+2 Pet Slots Robux 299
2 Pet Slots
Gives players 2 more pet slots.
x3 Pet Clones Robux 1499
X3 Pet Clones
Clones the pets players get from a crystal by x3.
+3 Pet Slots Robux 399
3 pet Slots
Gives players 3 more pets slots.
Permanent Islands Unlock Robux 4499
Permanent Islands
Permanently unlocks all islands even after ranking up.
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