The Golden Storm Manticore is an Awakened pet in Ninja Legends. It can be obtained from the Darkstar Orion Crystal. It's base stats are 1.6k chi, 1.5k coins, and 1k ninjitsu multipliers.


  • Tradeable after update 30.
Tier Chi Multiplier Coin Multiplier Ninjitsu Multiplier
Normal x1,600 x1,500 x1,000
Evolved x4,800 x4,500 x3,000
Eternalized x24,000 x22,500 x15,000
Immortalized x120,000 x112,500 x75,000
Legendized x600,000 x562,500 x375,000
Elementalized x3,000,000 x2,812,500 x1,875,000
X-Genesis x15,000,000 x12,062,500 x9,375,000
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