Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki

Islands can be unlocked by jumping from clouds to clouds to reach it. Every island has a different mechanic in the clouds (e.g Moving Clouds or exploding clouds). You can also permanently unlock all Islands from Enchanted to Blazing Vortex Island for 4,499 Robux (about $50). You can also unlock all islands until you rank up for 399 Robux. Islands can have shops that contain weapons and skills. When you buy all the items in the valley or on another Island you will need to travel higher for more items. There are currently 21 Islands. 19 of them have shops(being the ones that do not have the Enchanted Island and the Mystical Island), and 18 of them have chests(being the Astral island, the Dark Element island and the Inner Peace Island the ones that do not have). Your pets will multiply the rewards for most of the chests. There will most likely be more Islands in the next update.

There'll be new Islands on the next update. Follow the game to be notified for updates!

Here's a list of existing Islands right now :

The shop Islands are Astral Island, Space Island, Tundra Island, Eternal Island, Sandstorm, Thunderstorm, Ancient Inferno Island, Midnight Shadow Island, Mythical Souls Island, Winter Wonder Island, Golden Master Island, Dragon Legend Island, Cybernetic Legends Island, Skystorm Ultraus Island, Chaos Legends Island Soul Fusion Island, Dark Elements Island, Inner Peace Island, and Blazing Vortex Island.