Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki

King of the Hill is one of the many features/special locations in Ninja Legends. There are no requirements, and you can access this feature through The Hill, located in the Valley.

The Hill is a place where you can gain chi, there is no safe zone within it. Players usually fight to become the sole person that is sitting on the top of The Hill; therefore being The King of The Hill Players earn 50 chi for every 3 seconds. Of course, which can vary depending on your multipliers. On top of The Hill, there is a Torii.

This is the very first Training Area, located in the Valley. It does not require Karma, because Karma did not exist at the time when the game was first released.

The Hill requires you the be the only one on it, after climbing The Hill while being the only one on it, you will become the King and will start to gain Chi per few seconds.

While you are The King of The Hill, you will be labeled KING and will be in a meditating stance. You will also give off a strong, white aura resembling electricity.

The amount of chi you earn while being on The Hill stacks with your rank, and pet multipliers. Chi will spawn on the hill and you can collect it to get a bit more chi than you get every three seconds.....

If nobody has claimed The Hill, the text above The Hill will remain as " Current King: None" If someone has claimed The Hill, the text above The Hill will change to "Current King: [username of the king]". For example, "Current King: wi1dcardz ".