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The Light Karma Shop is one of two Karma Shops available in Ninja Legends. Players need at least positive Karma, which represents good karma to open the shop. The Light Karma Shop uses Good Karma, souls, and chi as its currencies. Player's Light Karma however, will not change, as it is a requirement instead of cost. However, if you can access this shop, you cannot access the Light Karma Shop's counterpart, the Dark Karma Shop. It also has the best Training Area the Zen Master's Blade.

List of Skills
No. Skill Name Abilities Cost
1 Light Learner 2x Light Karma and Souls 25 Souls
2 Boss Rewards: Level 1 5% bonus from fighting bosses 30 Good Karma and 75 souls
3 Training Area: Mystical Waters Allows player to train at the said area 100 Good Karma and

25M chi

4 Light Protector 3x Karma and Souls 125 Souls
5 Boss Rewards: Level 2 Gain 10% more rewards from fighting bosses 200 Good Karma, 300 Souls
6 Light Guardian 4x Karma and souls 500 souls
7 Training Area: Sword Of Legends Allows player to train at the said area 1k Good Karma,

100M Chi

8 Boss Rewards: Level 3 Gain 15% more rewards when fighting bosses 1k Good Karma,

1.5k Souls

9 Light Master 5x Souls and Karma 2.5K Souls
10 Training Area: Elemental Tornado Allows player to train at the said area 2k Good Karma,

200M Chi

11 Masterful Training All light karma areas have 2x multiplier. 10k Good Karma,

25k Souls

12 Legendary Training All light karma areas have 5x multipiler. 20k Good Karma,

50k Souls

13 Training Area: Zen Master's Blade Allows player to train at the area. Located behind the Pet cloning area. 5k Good Karma,

7.5Si Chi