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These are some of the miscellaneous items and objects in the game.

List Of The Miscellaneous


All clouds are colored based on the main island above them except for ash clouds. There are 4 types of clouds in the game which are normal clouds, moving clouds, exploding clouds, and ash clouds. A normal cloud is a stationary cloud that doesn't do anything upon contact with the player and can be found from the Valley up to Eternal Island. A moving cloud is a cloud that moves but doesn't do anything upon contact with the player. These kinds of clouds can be found in all islands above Eternal Island except the Dragon Legend Island . The Exploding Cloud is the type of cloud that is stationary but explodes upon contact with the player. The explosion knocks the players back for several seconds while giving them an orange trail. However, if the player is quick enough, they can jump on the cloud without triggering the explosion. The Ash Clouds are a unique type of clouds that can only be found at the Dragon Legend Island. These clouds are black in color and are very hard to see at night.

Mini Islands

Mini island environment is colored based on the main island above them. Their size varies, from tiny until a small-medium island. It sometimes includes a tree, dead tree, or signs. Below the Astral island, some of the mini islands contain a jump pad.


Portals are gateway the connect different parts of the game by a single "door". It allows for quick travel and colored based on the destination's land color. They can be spotted in the valley, special locations, and every main island in the game.


Signs is a small wooden board that tells the player about some information in the game. Some of them include Duel Winners, Codes, Leaderboards, Tips and Under Construction sign.

Group Reward Chest

The daily reward chest is located in the valley. It can give a little amount of chi and coins but requires the player to join the Scriptbloxian Studio's group in order to redeem the reward.

Sensei, Ninja and Master Cloning Birdie Characters

The ninja character is a humanoid character that explains basic information to the players. They can be spotted standing near all sell, chest, shop, skill shop, karma shops, and training in the Infinity Stats dojo. The Sensei is the character that can interact with players. They can be spotted in Altar Of Elements, Zen Master, and meditating near to Infinity Stats Dojo portal. The Master Cloning Birdie can be spotted at the Pet Cloning Altar.


Leaderboards are special boards that hold special information about the ranking of the top players. Currently, there are 7 leaderboards which are Top Coins, Top Chi, Top Light Ninja, Top Dark Ninja, Top Kills, Top Snipes and Top Jumps. All of them are located in the valley.

Jump Pads

Jump pads are special pads that launch the player into the air upon contact. Most of them can be spotted near the valley, where you can use them to reach hoops.

Training Islands

Full Article: Training Areas

Training islands are a small island that is used to get a boost while training inside. In order to activate it, the player must buy them in the karma shop for a certain amount of chi and karma. They have to be visited manually and don't have their own portal.

Fortune Wheel

The fortune wheel gives you many options, if the arrow points to one of the areas when it stops moving, you will get the boost. You get only one spin daily but if you get roblox premium, you get another spin. But you also get another spin if you join the Scriptbloxian group on roblox.