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The Pet Cloning Altar is a special location that can be found behind the waterfall in the valley. Players can clone pets using this location with the help of the Master Cloning Birdie.

The Pet Cloning Altar can be unlocked by players unlocking the Dragon Warrior or a higher rank. The pet cloning Altar is used for players to duplicate their pets by paying master birdie a certain amount of chi.

How to Use

Approach the Master Cloning Birdie, then the process will begin. You will need a lot of Chi to clone your pets. The higher the rarity and evolution, the greater the cost of cloning them.

As you rank up you may notice the cost of cloning decreases until it hits the base cost. As you clone higher ranks the cost increases exponentially, mastering elements have no effect on cloning costs unless it says otherwise (-25% cloning costs).


Pet: Dragon: Nebula Skystorm Rank: ~Cybernetic Cloning costs: -25%

  1. Elementals costing 1.75 Qa
  2. X-Genesis (5 Elementals)
    • 26.3 Qa instead of 8.75Qa (pet base), yet costs ~ 3x more.
  3. Z-Master (5 X-Genesis)
    • 659.1 Qa instead of 43.75 Qa (pet base), yet costs ~ 15x more.
  4. Beast (10 Z-Master)
    • 26.3 Qi instead of 437.5Qa (pet base), yet costs ~ 60x more.
  5. Infinity-Lord (10 Beast)
    • 1.71 Si instead of 4.37 Qi (pet base), yet costs ~ 391x more.