These are list of staffs that work in this wiki. Staffs are groups of people that you should contact in case a vandalism happens, or if you want to ask some questions about the wiki.

List of Staffs
Name Associated Account Groups Timezone
Noobyrblx011 Noobyrblx#5054 Bureaucrat, Founder ?


Roblox : IndonesianPlayzIndonesianPlayz#5833 Bureaucrat, Administrator UTC +8
Extraordinary1 Roblox: Extroardinary1


Administrator UTC -8
Atvelonis Discord: Atvelonis#9495 Wiki Manager UTC -4 (EDT)
UTC -5 (EST)
SCOTSChief Roblox : DSODChief Content Mod, Chat Mod and Discussion Mod UTC -5
Overtube Roblox : DenXD0Discord: Overtube#1898 Content Mod, Chat Mod and Discussion Mod GMT+2
A random player 022 Roblox : avigla A random avigla#4475 Content Moderator, Administrator UTC/GMT+8
123 bst Roblox : EvilJeromeson


Content Moderator ?
UltimateMasterRBLX Roblox : UltimateMaster234 ultimate.#1804 Content Moderator UTC +8
WolfSmart Roblox : FallenWolfGod Discord: WolfSmart#1276 Content Moderator AEST
MyNameisPizzalava2 Roblox: Pizzalava2Discord: Polymorphic#3454 Content Moderator UTC +12 (NZST) UTC +13 (NZDT)
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