Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki

These are list of staff members that work in this wiki. Staff members are groups of people that you should contact in case a vandalism happens, or if you want to ask some questions about the wiki. They thrive to help and grow the wiki, improve the current content, and deal with mishaps. Please note that we are NOT Ninja Legends Developers and we cannot give you free items, add new features, or do anything of the sort.

List of Staffs
Name Associated Account Groups Timezone
Noobyrblx011 Noobyrblx#5054 (Discord) Bureaucrat, Founder Unknown
SuperHeatWizard Roblox : SuperHeatWizard (Roblox)
SuperHeatWizard#3458 (Discord)
Bureaucrat, Administrator UTC -4 (EST)
IndonesianPlayz Roblox : IndonesianPlayz (Roblox)
IndonesianPlayz#5833 (Discord)
Bureaucrat, Administrator UTC +8
Extraordinary1 Roblox: Extroardinary1
Discord: Extraordinary1#0223
Administrator UTC -8
LizardInABlizzard N/A Administrator UTC +8
Atvelonis Discord: Atvelonis#9495 Wiki Manager UTC -4 (EDT)
UTC -5 (EST)
SCOTSChief Roblox : DSODChief Content Moderator and Discussion Moderator UTC -5
Overtube Roblox : DenXD0Discord: Overtube#1898 Content Moderator and Discussion Moderator GMT+2
A random player 022 Roblox : avigla ඞ Rඞndom plඞyer#4475 Content Moderator, Administrator UTC/GMT+8
123 bst Roblox : EvilJeromeson


Content Moderator ?
ItsEverly Roblox : UltimateMaster234 Ev3rly#1742 Content Moderator UTC +8
WolfSmart Roblox : FallenWolfGod Discord: WolfSmart#1276 Content Moderator AEST
MyNameisPizzalava2 Roblox: Pizzalava2Discord: Polymorphic#3454 Content Moderator UTC +12 (NZST) UTC +13 (NZDT)