All Fandom policies: Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, apply to all Fandom wikis, meaning all fandom users must follow. If a user is found to breach a rule and has been warned, they will receive a ban.

User Conduct Rules
  • Swearing
    • Cencor the word using either hashtags - #### or Asterisks - ****.
  • Asking for Free Pets
    • At one point we all started out with no pets, do not ask for. free pets.
  • Leaking Updates
    • The only way you can confirm an update is if Scriptbloxian himself reveals it.
  • Necroposting 
    • Posting comments or discussions outside of 1 month.
  • Edit Farming
    • Farming edits to either receive badges or large edit counts.
  • Off Site Links
    • Posting off-site links, is allowed.
  • Vandalising
    • Editing pages to ruin them.
  • Advertising
    • Making other users join a website or group.
  • Racisim
    • Using hate speech towards another user's race.
  • Personal Information
    • Giving out personal information about either you or another user such as age, where they live or school.
  • Online Dating
    • Just don't, this wiki is based on a content.
  • Drama
    • Arguing with other users, everyone has their own opinion.
  • Begging for a staff role
    • Staff roles are earnt, begging is just going to lower the chances.
  • Deleting Infoboxes
    • Ask a staff before deleting any infoboxes.
  • Deleting Pages
    • Ask a staff to delete any pages.
  • Adding Unnamed Images
    • Name all images so that their easy to find.
  • Adding Useless Images
    • Images are used to give information.
Page Formatting
  • Proper Grammar and Spelling
    • Proper capitalization, third person writing, proper spelling, avoid abbreviation etc...
  • Adding Useless Content
    • Pages are used to have content but not unecessary content.
  • Adding opinions or theorys
    • Pages should be writin in third person writing.
  • Repeating the same information
    • If the information has already been added, don't repeat it.
  • Include links if they have a page
    • Add links if the page exists
  • Use English and avoid any Foreign languages
  • Adding Unecessary Catagories
    • Try to minimize the amount of catagories and see if their really necessary.
  • Dates
    • Correct: "May 6th, 2020"
    • Correct: "6/5/2020
Staff Rules
  • Do not allow users to remove or move a page without asking to Administrator or Bureaucrat first.
  • Respect each other. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Do not abuse your rights, as it can be taken away.
  • Breaking the rules will have it's own consequences. Starting from warning or, if the actions were severe enough, you could receive a free Ban.
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