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Shurikens are ammunition weapons/tools which can be purchased with Chi from the Skill Shop. Shurikens are not only used for long range combat while versing other players, but can also collect coins/chi when you throw them at coin and chi items. And not only that, Shurikens can also multiply Ninjitsu gain!

There are currently 34 Shurikens in the game as of February 20, 2020. There are four types of Shurikens:

  • Normal Shurikens
  • Explosive Shurikens
  • Tri Strike Shurikens
  • Explosive Tri Strike Shurikens

Normal shurikens can only be thrown one at a time. Explosive Shurikens will do area damage around where the Shuriken's landing spot is.

Tri Strike Shurikens allow players to throw Shurikens three at a time. Explosive Tri Strike Shurikens allow players to throw three explosive Shurikens at a time.

List of Shurikens

Name Description Type Maximum Ammo Cost (Chi) Damage Ninjitsu Multiplier
Swift Shuriken Silver Normal 5 75K 5% x1.1
Hardened Shuriken Blue Normal 6 150K 10% x1.3
Energy Shuriken Green Normal 7 300K 15% x1.7
Piercing Shuriken Purple Normal 8 500K 20% x2.2
Golden Shuriken Gold Normal 9 1M 25% x2.8
Crimson Shuriken Red Normal 10 2M 30% x3.6
Ultra Shuriken Glowing blue Normal 11 4.5M 35% x4.6
Infernal Shuriken Glowing gold Normal 12 9M 40% x5.7
Electro Shuriken Glowing green Normal 13 18M 45% x6.8
Dark Crimson Shuriken Glowing red Normal 14 35M 50% x8
Corrupted Shuriken Glowing purple Normal 15 65M 55% x9.3
Elemental Shuriken Glowing rainbow Normal 16 120M 60% x11
Mythical Shuriken Glowing purple Normal 17 200M 65% x12.5
Masterful Shuriken Glowing yellow-purple-orange-blue Normal 18 400M 70% x14.2
Eternal Shuriken Glowing blue-green-yellow-red Normal 19 750M 75% x17
Legends Shuriken Glowing rainbow Normal 20 1.5B 80% x19.5
Immortal Shuriken Glowing black-white Normal 22 3B 90% x23
Explosive Dragon Shuriken Glowing red Explosive 5 50B 2% x25
Explosive Hypersonic Shuriken Glowing blue Explosive 6 120B 3% x27.5
Explosive Eternal Shuriken Glowing rainbow Explosive 7 300B 4% x30
Golden Sun Shuriken Glowing gold Explosive 8 50T 5% x35
Ultra Sun Shuriken Glowing blue Explosive 9 200T 10% x45
Corrupt Sun Shuriken Glowing purple Explosive 10 1Qa 12% x50
Dark Sun Shuriken Glowing red Explosive 11 15Qa 15% x55
Ultra Hunter Shuriken Glowing rainbow Explosive 12 400Qa 20% x65
Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing purple Triple 10 1Qi 75% x75
Masterful Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing green Triple 11 50Qi 80% x85
Electro Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing blue Triple 12 600Qi 85% x95
Shadowfire Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing red Triple 13 10Si 90% x110
Enraged Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing yellow Triple 14 300Si 95% x125
Legends Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing rainbow Triple 15 5Sp 100% x135
Swift Explosive Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing golden Triple Explosive 8 850Sp 10% x150
Cybernetic Explosive Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing blue Triple Explosive 9 2.5Oc 15% x165
Skystorm Explosive Tri-Strike Shuriken Three glowing rainbow Triple Explosive 10 4N 20% x180
Cyber Vortex Tri-Strike Shuriken Six glowing green Triple Explosive 11 8Dc 20% x200
Electro Vortex Tri-Strike Shuriken Six glowing blue Triple Explosive 12 8Un 20% x225
Blazing Vortex Tri-Strike Shuriken Six glowing orange Triple Explosive 13 50Duo 20% x250
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