Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki


Skills are vital to game progress, the Double Jump skill is required to reach many islands, the Invisibility skill is very useful for sneaking and escaping from other players, the speed Increase makes you walk faster, boss hits add how many hits are registered in one actual hit. All skill cost Coins or Chi

List of Available Skills

Double Jumps

Double Jumping is a skill found at the skill shop, they allow players to jump multiple times and is used to jump to islands or outrun players trying to kill. There are currently 28 double jumps which can be found at higher islands.

Double Jump Cost
1 0
2 5K
3 30K
4 120K
5 350K
6 10M
7 18M
8 35M
9 60M
10 140M
11 250M
12 500B
13 3T
14 15T
15 2.5Qa
16 8Qa
17 15Qa
18 80Si
19 3N
20 15N
21 10Dc
22 100Dc
23 1Tre
24 1Qua
25 30SP
26 5NV
27 8CE
28 8SPZ


Invisibility is a skill found at the skill shop, it allows the player to become invisible. This skill is useful for camping, for sneaking up on unsuspecting players and to stealthily run away from others. The maximum amount of time players can be invisible for is 60 seconds, and all have a cool-down of 10 seconds. When invis, your sword shows.

Speed Increase

Speed Increase is a skill that increases the player's movement speed. It allows them to run faster, and most notably helpful to assist double jumping. which allows it to reach a longer distance. This Skill is helpful for catching players you are chasing, and run away players chasing you. This skill is available from Sandstorm until Astral Island.

Boss Hits

Boss Hits are available beginning on the Island Winter Wonderland Island. This skill adds to the number of hits registered in one swing done by a player.