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  1. Spam pages or comment is not allowed.
  2. Try to not repeat the same information over and over.
  3. Please do not add opinions or theory on the pages. A blog would fit.
  4. Proper grammar and spelling is needed. If you are unfamiliar with English, it's okay.
  5. Try to minimize the amount of abbreviation or acronyms used in the pages.
  6. Do not add useless content into a page.

Do not delete Info boxes without any proper reason.
Do not change headings. The only heading used in pages is this template
No bad language of any kind. If it could be considered vulgar to somebody, it does not belong on a page here.
Do not remove or move pages without any authorization from any staffs.
Do not post inappropriate off-site links (Pornography, politics, anything that is not related with the game).

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