Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki

Training Areas are portions of the map where players can gain more ninjitsu and coins (with Auto-Sell) as they train. Some also offer Chi and Pet XP rewards for training in that location. The Ninjitsu, Coins, Chi and Pet XP multiplier and rewards may vary depending on your Rank and the elements you have mastered. Training Areas can be unlocked from Dark/Light Karma Shop before they can train in the training area. Training Areas are also safe zones, so players cannot harm each other while training. To purchase these, players must obtain karma and souls which are rewarded by killing players. The higher a players light or dark skill is the shop will reward better training areas.

Currently, the weakest training area is Mystical Waters, and the strongest being Zen Master's Blade.

Training Areas
Training Area Karma Cost Chi Cost Location Ninjitsu Coins Chi, Pet XP
Mystical Waters 100 Light karma 25M Chi Below Tundra Island No x3 +30 Pet Exp (3s)50 per Chi (3s)
Lava Pit 100 Dark Karma 25M Chi Below Eternal Island x6 x6 No
Tornado 250 Dark Karma 50M Chi Below Sandstorm x7 x8 15 Pet XP

50 Chi per 3 sec

Sword of Legends 1000 Light Karma 100M Behind Eternal Boss x10 x10 +20 Pet Exp
Sword of Ancients 2000 Dark Karma 200M Behind Magma Boss x15 x15 +60 Chi (3 sec
Elemental Tornado 2000 Light Karma 200M Below Midnight Shadow Island x12 x12 +75 Chi (3 sec) and +20 Pet Exp (3 sec)
Fallen Infinity Blade 5000 Dark Karma 6.5Si Beside Altar Of Elements x25 x35 +75 Chi (3 sec)
Zen Master's Blade 5000 Light Karma 7.5Si In Front of The Cloning Altar x25 x40 +30 Pet Exp (3 sec)