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The Twin Element Birdies are a Skyblade pet in Ninja Legends 1. It is a pair of glowing birds that seem to orbit/revolve around each other. The orange bird is a Dawn Horizon Birdie,the blue bird appears to be one just colored blue.

This pet is obtainable by opening the Infinity Void Crystal located in the Blazing Vortex Island, with it having a 1% chance of hatching this pet.

This pet is now the best in game (other than some of the pets obtained from packs that require Robux), replacing the previous number one: Inner Peace Legion (which has now been relegated to third, just behind the Void Omega Pegasus).

This pet has 3 different visual effects, one for each of the two birds:

  • An aura of shrinking lightning rings, with its color matching that of each bird;
  • A smaller, less noticeable, shrinking lightning bolt aura, with its color also matching that of each bird;
  • A pair of trails emitted from the tips of each bird's wings, with their colors, once again, matching that of each bird.

Vortex Elite Twin Elemental Birdies



  • The multipliers for Chi, Coins and Ninjitsu are all the same for this pet
  • The stats below shows the stats of the pet with and without the multiplier from Eternity Storm Element for every evolution
Evolution Level Currency Multiplier With Eternity Storm (Element)
Normal x19 M x38 M
Evolved x57 M x114 M
Eternal x285 M x570 M
Immortal x1.425 B x2.85 B
Legend x7.125 B x14.250 B
Elemental x35.625 B x71.25 B
X-Genesis x178.125 B x356.25 B
Z-Master x890.625 B x1.781,25 T
Ultra-Beast x8.906,25 T x17.812,5 T
Infinity-Lord x89.062,5 T x178.125 T
Chaos Titan x890.625 T x1.781,25 Qa
ZX-Legend x17.812,5 Qa x35.625 Qa
Dark-Element x534.375 Qa x1.068,75 Qi
Shadowstorm x26.718,75 Qi x53.437,50 Qi
Vortex Elite x2 Si x4 Si