Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki


Count Name Date Description
1 Tundra Island Update October 29th, 2019

+ Island : Tundra Island added with 25 new swords, 9 new belts and 14 skills upgrades

+ Chest : Tundra Chest added (placed on Tundra Island), this chest gives you Chi

+ Pet Crystal

- Normal Pet Crystal : Placed on Tundra Island

- Limited time Spooky Crystal : Placed near the spawn. Find it!

+ Shurikens is RELEASED

+ Now you can see pet tier below Pet Crystal

+ Rank Badges

+ Leaderboard : New Shuriken Snipes leaderboard added

+ Features :

- Defeat boss gives Pet EXP

- Code stacks with multipliers

- Invisibility now hide your Auras

- 5x Pet EXP from souls

+ Gamepass : Infinite Ammo Gamepass added

2 Eternal Island Update November 2nd, 2019 + Island: Eternal Island added with 50 new swords, 10 belts and 5 new skills upgrades (15-17 Double Jumps, 40-45s Invisibility)

+ Pet Crystal:

- Eternal Crystal added (placed on Eternal Island) with 6 new pets (tier from Rare to Omega)

- Spooky Crystal is off-sale

+ Chest: Eternal Chest added (placed on Eternal Island), this chest gives Chi

+ Shuriken: Immortal Shuriken added (Cost 3B Chi)

+ New ranks added

+ Evolution: Eternalize (Needs 5 Evolved pets to make an Eternalize pet). Eternalize pets have 5x stronger stats than Evolved pets

+ Shop: Light Karma Shop and Dark Karma Shop added

+ Currency: Souls, Karma (Defeat players to get Souls and Karma)

+ Leaderboard: 2 new Leaderboards added (Top Light Ninja and Top Evil Ninja)

3 Sandstorm Update November 9th, 2019 + Bonus Boost : x2 Coins/Chi Weekend

+ Island: Sandstorm Island added with 20 new swords, 8 new belts and 6 new skills upgrades (50-60s Invisibility, 5%-20% Movespeed, 18 Double Jumps)

+ Pet Crystal:

- Limited Crystal: Legends Pet Crystal with 6 new pets

- Normal Pet Crystal: Storm Crystal (placed on Sandstrom) with 6 new pets (tier from Unique to Elite)

+ Chest: Sahara Chest added (placed on Sandstorm), this chest gives you Pet Exp

+ Shop: Light Skill Shop and Dark Skill Shop finally opened. Use Souls/Karma and Chi to unlock new skills

+ Evolution: Immortal (Need 5 Eternalized pets to make an Immortal pet, only Omega+ Pets tier can be make this tier). Immortal pets has x5 stronger stats than Eternalized pets

+ Boss: Eternal Boss added (to defeat this boss you have to go to the Portal near the Robot Boss, requires Shadow+ Rank to go this Portal). This boss gives x5 Rewards

+ Features : Auto Open Crystal added

+ Gamepass: Added new gamepass (+100 Capacity Pet Inventory)

4 Thunderstorm Update November 16th, 2019 + Bonus Boost: x2 Ninjitsu Weekend (ends on Monday)

+ Island: Thunderstorm Island added with 15 new Martial Arts (area attack every 8-12 moves), 4 new belts and 4 new skill (Movespeed) upgrades (25%-40% Movespeed)

+ Pet Crystal:

Thunder Crystal added (placed on Thunderstorm) with 6 new pets (tier Unique, Omega and Elite)

+ Chest: Thunder Chest added (placed on Thunderstorm), this chest gives you Souls

+ Shuriken: 3 new Explosive Shurikens added (cost 50B - 300B). These Shurikens have Area Damage, slower fire rate and less ammo

+ New ranks added

+ Gamepass: Two new gamepasses added (+200 Capacity Pet Inventory and +2 Pet Slots)

5 Midnight Shadow Island Update December 1st, 2019 + Island : Ancient Inferno Island added with 25 new swords, 5 new belts and 4 new skills upgrades (45-50% Movespeed, 19-20 Double Jumps)

+ Pet Crystal : Limited time "Eternity Crystal" added. Find it near the spawn

+ Chest : Ancient Inferno Chest added (placed on Ancient Inferno Island), this chest gives you Chi

+ New ranks added

+ Evolution : Legendize (Need 5 Immortal pets to make a Legendize pet). Legendize pets have 5x stronger stats than Immortal pets. Only Elite+ Pets tier can make legendize

+ Boss : Ancient Bosss added (to defeat this boss you need to go to the Portal near the Valley shop, you must have Ninja Legend+ rank to go to this Portal). This boss gives 10x rewards

+ Packs : Booster Packs added

+ Features : Combat Pets (Only Infinity+ Pets tier). These pets will attack players and bosses

+ Leaderboard : All leaderboards now go above 9.22Qi

+ Legend Crystals have been return back for extra time

6 Ancient Inferno Island Update December 8th, 2019 + Bonus Boost : x2 Coins and Chi Weekend (ends on Monday)

+ Island : Midnight Shadow Island added with 25 new swords, 5 new belts and 3 new skills upgrades (55% Movespeed, 21-22 Double Jumps)

+ Pet Crystal : Limited time "Infinity Eclipse Crystal" added. Find near the spawn; Legend Crystal have been disappeared

+ Chest: Midnight Shadow Chest added (placed on Midnight Shadow Island), this chest gives you Chi

+ New ranks added

+ Training Areas : 2 new Training Areas added (Light & Dark)

+ Gamepass : New gamepass added (x3 Pet Clones Gamepass - Get 3 of every Pet when you opened from a Crystal)

+ Leaderboard : All leaderboard go above 9.22Un

+ Eternity Crystal will disappear next update

7 Mythical Souls Island Update December 12th, 2019 + Bonus Boost : x3 Coins and Chi Weekend

+ Island : Mythical Souls Island added with 84 new swords, 8 new belts and 4 new skills upgrades (22-24 Double Jumps, 60% Movespeed)

+ Pet Crystal : Limited time "

Legendary Starstrike Crystal" added. Find it near the spawn

+ Chest: Two new chest added (Light Karma Chest and Evil Karma Chest). These chests placed on Mythical Souls Island and gives you Light Karma and Evil Karma

+ New ranks added

+ Eternity Crystal had been disappeared

8 Christmas Update (Part 1) December 15th, 2019 + Island : Winter Wonder Island added with 12 new swords, 8 new belts, and skill upgrades (Boss Hits)

+ Currency : Gems added

+ Chest : Wonder Chest added (placed on Winter Wonder Island). This chest gives you Gems

+ Pet Crystal : Limited time Christmas Crystal added. Find it near the spawn

+ Evolution : Elementalize (Need 5 Legendize pets to make an Elementalize pet). Elementalize pets have 5x stronger stats than Legendize pets

+ Boss : Samurai Santa Boss added (everyone can defeat this boss). This boss gives 15x rewards and gems

+ Awakened Pet tier added

+ Duel Arena : Battle together, kill everyone, become the last player. Earn Gems when kill someone. Souls collect instantly when kill someone. Auto-Sell paused when joined Duel Arena

+ Packs : Awakened Masters Pack added (cost 1899 Robux)

+ Leaderboard : Duel Wins leaderboard added

+ New ranks added

9 Pet Cloning Altar Update or Christmas Update (Part 2) December 25th, 2019 + Pet Cloning Altar added : Now you can clone your pet in Pet Cloning Altar with a price. Only Dragon Warrior+ rank can be go to this place

+ Bonus Boost : 100x Stats Boost (ends when Christmas ended)

+ Rank now have a new ability : Permanent Island Unlock (These special ranks have Purple lock icon)

+ Leaderboard : Pet Clones leaderboard added

10 X-Genesis Update + Pet Crystal : Two new limited time crystals added (Frostwave Legends Crystal - Cost Chi) and (Shadow Supernova Crystal - Cost Gems)

+ Master Legends Pet tier added

+ Evolution : X-Genesis (Need 5 Elemental pets to make a X-Genesis pet). X-Genesis pets have 5x stronger stats than Elemental pets

+ Packs : Eternal Horizon Pack added (cost 1899 Robux)

+ Features :

- Max pet level now is 200

- You can disable Duels in Settings menu

- Auto-Evolve Pet added

11 Golden Master Island Update or Z-Master Update Januray 18th, 2020 + Bonus Boost : 20x Ninjitsu, Coins and Chi

+ Island : Golden Master Island added with 25 new swords, 5 new belts and new skills upgrades

+ Chest : Golden Zen Chest added (placed on Golden Master Island), this chest gives massive of Chi

+ New ranks added

+ New shurikens added

+ Evolution : Z-Master (Need 5 X-Genesis pet to make a Z-Master pet). Z-Master pet have 5x stronger stats than X-Genesis pets. Only Master Legend+ Pet tier can make Z-Master

+ Packs : Golden Sun Master Pack added (cost 2499 Robux) and Island Legends Pack (399 Robux)

+ Gamepass : New gamepass added (+3 Pet Slots)

12 1st Countdown Update January 21st, 2020 + COUNTDOWN : Altar Of Elements

+ Pet Crystal : Limited time Darkstar Orion Crystal added. Find it near the spawn

+ New rank added

+ Features : X-Genesis+ pet now attack

13 Altar Of Elements Update January 25th, 2020 + Bonus Boost : 50x Coins and Chi weekend

+ Altar Of Elements has been OPENED with first 3 new elements

+ New ranks added (Dragon Evolution I - V)

+ Dragon Legends Island will coming in next update

14 Dragon Legend Island Update January 30th, 2020 + Island : Dragon Legend Island added with 32 new swords, 8 new belts and skills upgrades

+ Light & Dark : New skills added

+ Shurikens : 3 new shurikens added

+ Leaderboard : All leaderboards now go up to 9.22 VIG

+ COMING SOON : 'Zen Master' on Dragon Legend Island will convert your spare gems/souls into coins/chi!

15 Ultra-Beast Update February 1st, 2020 + Bonus Boost : 50x Coins & Chi weekend

+ Elements : 3 new elements added 'Electral Chaos', 'Shadow Charge', 'Masterful Wrath'

+ Evolution : Ultra-Beast (Needs 10 Z-Master Pets to make an Ultra-Beast). Ultra-Beast pets have x10 stronger stats than Z-Master. Only 'Master Legend' & 'Beast' tier pets can make Ultra-Beast

+ Features : Beast pet rarity tier added

+ Packs : Elemental Legends Pack added (cost 2499 Robux)

+ Gamepass : Permanent Island Unlock gamepass added! Permanently unlock all Islands forever! Islands stay unlocked even after ranking up!

16 Effects Update February 8th, 2020 + Bonus Boost : 100x Coins & Chi weekend!

+ Pet Crystal : Ancient Shurikens Crystal added. Find it near the spawn

+ Shop : 15 new Martial Art Forms! Continues on from Dragon Legend Island weapons! (Martials Arts swing faster than swords!)

+ 6 new ranks added

+ Feature :

- New 'Effects' menu - hide other player's pets & disable particles! Find above the Codes menu!

17 February 15th, 2020 2nd Countdown Update or Cybernetic Island Update or Infinity-Lord Update + Bonus Boost : 1000x Coins & Chi Weekend!

+ Island : Cybernetic Legends Island added has a 5x Sell area, 56 new swords and 6 new belts

+ Chest :

+ Pet Crystal : Limited time Shadowfire Legends Crystal added. Find it near the spawn

+ Packs : Infinity Masters Pack added (cost 2499 Robux)

+ Light & Dark : New Training Areas added

+ Element : Shadowfire Element added - + Evolution : Infinity-Lord (Need 10 Ultra-Beasts to make an Infinity-Lord). Infinity-Lord pets have 10x stronger stats than Ultra-Beasts. Only Beast+ Tier pets can be Infinity-lord -

+ Features :

- Skystorm Pet tier added

- Hide Other Pets is on automatically

19 February 22nd, 2020 Infinity Stats Dojo Update + Bonus Boost : 1000x Stats (ends on Monday)

+ Infinity Stats Dojo added

20 February 29th, 2020 Chaos Titan Update or Skystorm Ultraus Island Update + Bonus Boost : 2000x Stats Boost weekend (ends on Monday)

+ Island : Skystorm Ultraus Island added with 56 new swords, 8 new belts

+ Pet Crystal :

- Limited time "Midnight Chaos Crystal" added. Find it near the spawn

Secret Limited time Crystal. Find it somewhere?

+ Chest : Skystorm Masters Chest added (placed on Skystorm Ultraus Island), this chest gives you massive of Chi

+ Evolution : Chaos-Titan (Need 10 Infinity-Lord pets to make a Chaos-Titan pet). Chaos-Titan pets have 10x stronger stats than Infinity-Lord pets

+ Elements : Eternity Storm Element added

+ Features : Soul Master Pet tier added

+ Packs : Elemental Heroes Pack added (cost 2499 Robux)

+ New ranks added

21 March 6th, 2020 Chaos Legends Island Update + Bonus Boost : 3000x Stats weekend

+ Island : Chaos Legends Island added with 86 new swords, 6 new belts

+ Chest : Chaos Legends Chest added (placed on Chaos Legends Island), this chest give massive of Chi, better than Skystorm Masters Chest

+ Pet Crystal : Two new limited time crystal added (Dark Elements Crystal - Cost Chi) and a hidden Crystal?

+ New ranks added

+ Leaderboard : All leaderboards now max increased!

22 March 14th, 2020 Soul Fusion Island/ Z X-Master Update + Bonus Boost : 5000x Stats Weekend

+ Island : Soul Fusion Island added with 25 new swords, x20 sell area and no new belts

+ Chest : Soul Fusion Chest added (placed on Soul Fusion Island), this chest gives a massive amount of Chi, which is two times the chest of the two islands below.

+ Pet Crystals : Two limited time New Crystals added (Mystic Shadows Crystal - Costs Chi) and a hidden Crystal?

+ New Ranks Added

+ Evolution : Z X-Legend (Needs 15 Chaos Titan Pets to make a Z X-Master Pet). Z X-Legend pets have x20 more stats than Chaos Titan Pets.

+ Features : Rising Hero pet tier added

+ Pack : Shadow Legends Pack Added (Costs 2499 Robux)

23 April 2nd, 2020 Dark Elements Island/ Dark-Elements Update

+ Bonus Boost: 10,000x Stats Week

+ Island: Dark Elements Island added with 25 new swords, x25 sell area and 2 new belts

+ 2 New Pet Crystals: Silent Shadows Crystal and Secret Glitch Crystal

+ 2 New ranks: Dark Elements BlademasterRising Shadow Eternal Ninja

+ Evolution : Dark-Element (Needs 20 Z X-Legend Pets to make a Dark-Element Pet). Dark-Element pets have x30 more stats than a Z X-Legend pet.

+ Pet Tier: Q-Strike

+ Pack: Dark Elements Pack (Costs 2499 robux)

24 July 17th, 2020 ShadowStrike Update Island: Inner Peace Island added with 26 new swords, x30 sell area and 2 new belts

+2 New Pet Crystals: Ultra Shockwave Crystal and Secret Blades Crystal

+ 2 New ranks: Skyblade Ninja Master and Shadow Storm Sensei

+ Evolution: ShadowStorm (Needs 20 Dark-Element Pets to make a ShadowStorm Pet). ShadowStorm pets have x50 more stats than a Dark-Element pet.

+ Pet Tier: Skyblade

+ Pack: Skyblade Legends Pack (costs 2499 Robux)

25 August 19th, 2021 Update + Island: Blazing Vortex Island added with 30 new swords, x35 sell area and 2 new belts

+2 New Pet Crystals: Ultra Shockwave Crystal and Secret Blades Crystal

+ 3 New ranks: Comet Strike Lion, Cybernetic Azure Sensei and Ultra Genesis Shadow

+ Evolution: Vortex-Elite(Needs 25 ShadowStorm Pets to make a Vortex-Elite Pet). Vortex-Elite pets have x75 more stats than a ShadowStorm pet.

+ Pack: Blazing Vortex Pack (cost 2499 Robux)