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The Void Omega Pegasus is a Rising Hero pet in Ninja Legends 1. It is a black and orange pegasus; one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology.

This pet is obtainable by opening the Infinity Void Crystal found in the Blazing Vortex Island, with a 99% chance of hatching this pet.

This pet is now one of the best in game, second only to the Twin Element Birdies found in the same crystal.

This pet has 4 different visual effects:

  • An aura of shrinking, orange lightning rings;
  • A smaller aura of shrinking, orange lightning bolts;
  • A trail of shrinking, orange lightning rings;
  • A trail of fading, orange smoke.

Void Omega Pegasus (ZX Legend)



  • The stats shown below are as they appear without the multiplier given by the Eternity Storm Element;
  • The stats for Chi, Coins and Ninjitsu that this pet grants are all equal to each other.
Evolution Level Currencies Multiplier
Normal x9M
Evolved x27M
Eternal x135M
Immortal x675M
Legend x3.37B
Elemental x16.87B
X-Genesis x84.37B
Z-Master x421.87B
Ultra-Beast x4.21T
Infinity-Lord x42.18T
Chaos Titan x421.87T
ZX-Legend x8.43Qa
Dark-Element x253.1Qa
Shadowstorm x12.65Qi
Vortex-Elite x949.12Qi